10 favorite things under $15 …

Nester is having a ‘favorite things party’ again and it’s entirely wonderful. Visit her blog to see a big long list of favorite things under 15$.

Last year, I shared a few of my favorite things (my favorite candle, lotion, book) and those are pretty much the same. But I loved Nester’s idea of sharing favorite things under $15. Brilliant.

So here goes: My little list of my 10 favorite things under $15.

1) Anthropologie Birch Straws

I realize I have a straw addiction. But these are so cute. Perfect for an outdoor dinner party with burlap covered picnic tables and lots of candles. At just $8 that’s awful fun.

2) Paper Source Calendar

I love The Paper Source. We have one here in Austin. It’s pretty addictive. The other day I went in to get a desk sized calendar and wandered around drooling for about an hour. It’s not a large store but it’s packed with all kinds of wonder. This little purse sized goodie was on sale for ten bucks. Still is …

3) Ben Howard’s new CD.

I’ve been listening to him continuously for over 4 months. I LOVE this music. Do it: iTunes.

4) Spanish Wine Tumblers at Spartan.

Saw these on Pinterest. Found them in Austin for $6. Love them. Perfect for outdoor parties. And y’all, they’re stackable. Oh, joy!

Speaking of stackables …

5) Stackable Name Rings.

Okay. Well, I’m cheating a little bit. Last week, these were $16. and now they’re $18. Supply and demand, I guess. But that’s still a bargain for a personalized, sterling ring.

6) Austin’s Bucket List.

When I saw this, I just about died. I love Austin. Isn’t it fabulous? And only $12.95. Now, I know you might not live in Austin … but cute Kayla Meyer does other awesome stuff.

Like this

Kayla lives in Austin. I want to meet Kayla. 

7) Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens

I love these pens. My girls love these pens. I have them in pen cups scattered throughout my house. You could splurge and grab 12 Le Pens for $15 … or go for 10 Paper Mates for $10. Either way, delight.

8) Oatmeal Felt Hearts

Saw these on Pinterest. Love them. For now. For later. Wouldn’t they be great atop a gift wrapped in craft paper? And $12.50 for all three.

9) William Sonoma’s Winter Dish Soap.

Smells terrific! The perfect little hostess gift. And though it’s $9 right now … if there are any left in the stores, they’ll go on sale right after Christmas. (And yes, they last beautifully for a year.)

10) Udderly Smooth Hand Cream.

I know it’s weird. But that’s kinda who we are around here. Last year it was A&D ointment. This year, MOO hand cream. It’s fantastic. Not at all greasy, it doesn’t stain and it’s good for people with super sensitive skin. It’s everywhere in my house. Order on Amazon. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you have a favorite under $15?