10 Quick Ways to Sabotage Your Marriage

Last night, as I was making peanut butter cookies and Will was watching Sunday Night Football ~ I thought about the fragility of our marriage. Well, every marriage, really.

Not sure why it came to mind … as Will and I have in a pretty good spot for quite a while. Matter of fact, ever since we hit a dry spot last summer, we’ve made a real effort to deep water our marriage. Maybe it came to mind because I’ve heard about so many marriages falling apart lately. People that genuinely loved each other ~ calling it quits.

But it probably came to mind because I was thinking about the cookie recipe that I was making ~ how it creates the most delicious, gorgeous cookie ever but it’s so intensely fragile. (More on that later …)

So the thing is ~ I’m in the kitchen and Will’s in the living room watching TV ~ and I wonder out loud.

Me: What are 10 ways to help a fragile marriage?

Will: What?

Me: Ten things that can help a fragile marriage?

Will: You can’t do this to me … I’m watching football.

Me: Okay, how about 10 quick ways to sabotage a marriage?

Will:  … asking questions about marriage when I’m hosed and watching football for one?

Yeah, it’s true. Best not to bother him when he’s ‘recharging’ with Sunday Night Football. But later he gave in and answered my question. I think we came up with a good starter list. Here goes:

Ten Quick Ways to Sabotage Your Marriage

  • Ask yourself if your spouse is making you happy.
  • Accumulate tremendous debt.
  • Regard daily prayer for and in your relationship as unimportant.
  • Compare your relationship to other couples. Especially fictitious ones (books, movies).
  • Stay too preoccupied with/ at work to connect & spend time with your spouse.
  • Endlessly put the kids before your spouse ~ in word and deed.
  • For sure don’t read this …
  • Flirt with someone ~ anyone ~ but not your spouse.
  • Surround yourself with friends who tell you ‘you deserve better’ when you hit a rough spot.
  • In the back of your mind, continually devise Plan B.

Can you think of any more quick ways to sabotage marriage?

Whatever you do ~ just don’t let the cookie crumble.