12 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Oh joy!

Though I won’t get to see my own kids this weekend (they all live out of town), I will get to hug on some dear daughters who live in town. And that’s part of the fun in getting to mentor younger women because I do think of them as my own. I’ll also get to celebrate my own sweet mother, Mimi. She and my dad are coming over for dinner tonight.

I gathered some gift ideas in case you need some help celebrating the mom in your life. :)


  1. Gift of the Sea is a book I re-read year after year. It’s a most beautiful gift for any mom, regardless the season. I’m always on the look-out for vintage copies.
  2. How about Niven Morgan Gold Bath Salts? My daughter-in-law, Amy, gifted me with these and they are simply wonderful. Makes the whole bathroom smell heavenly.
  3. For the hippie mama in your life, this Lime Patchouli Lotion is the best. Light, non-greasy and smells fantastical.
  4. If you’re in the Austin area, try taking mom to our newest, loveliest Tiny Boxwoods Austin and visit Thompson + Hanson Garden House (photo above) while you’re there. It’s right next door and it’s deee-lightful. Maybe you’ll meet dear daughter, Amy Dyer, when you’re there. She’s a dreamy flower genius.
  5. It would be weird and wrong if I didn’t share a scented candle because I LOVE candles. So this Trapp Lemongrass Verbena is what I’m burning in my little studio right now. Helps me think clearly.
  6. Subscription to The Magnolia Journal (because is there a woman who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines?)
  7. This cookbook … The Homesick Texan … it’s something I’ve wanted it forever. Because the author, Lisa Fain, makes stuff like Bacon Pecan Cinnamon Roll Biscuits. Yes and amen.
  8. Speaking of cooking, isn’t this Le Creuset Dutch Oven beautiful? And yes, so extravagant but wowser! That would motivate me to stay home and cook.
  9. These Kelly Moore Camera Bags are gorgeous for the photographer mom.
  10. May I suggest affirming mom with words either written or spoken? It’s a family tradition around here. Just give us a holiday or a birthday or just about any ole day ~ and we’ll spread the love via affirmation. I can’t tell you how meaningful it is for the person being affirmed. Get brave, push past awkward and do it.
  11. Make Chocolate Sheet Cake. I’m actually finishing up this post and headed to the kitchen to make some to got with tonight’s dinner! Mmmmm.
  12. Or nothing beats grocery store roses and breakfast in bed. This Eggs Benedict Casserole could be just the thing…

Hope you get to take time to enjoy and celebrate the mom in your life. :)


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