3 Books to Change Your Mind

It’s such a relief to meet a truly helpful book. Today, I want to introduce you to three books I’m currently reading that are not only helpful, they’re changing the way I think.

You want to quit eating so much junk food, skipping exercise, and procrastinating but you just can’t seem to do it.

Read The Power of Habit and learn about the 3 step habit loop. Fascinating.

Hardcover * Kindle

You want to stop comparing and worrying about why you don’t have what they have, get to do what they do but you’re stuck.

Read Status Anxiety and you’ll start to understand the cultural history of work, status and what the author calls the two great loves. Compelling.

Paperback * Kindle

You want to be more grateful and joyful but end up grumpy. You want to love your life but you can’t seem to find the answer.

ann voskamp one thousand gifts devo

Read One Thousand Gifts Devotional and love your life again. Delightful.

Hardback * Kindle

What helpful books are you reading?

Need more ideas? Hop over to Emily’s place at JDC ~ tons of great suggestions there!

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