3 Surefire Ways to Lose Weight

Early yesterday morning after drinking my morning coffee, I stepped on the scale and about had a heart attack: I hit a new personal high. (That makes things sound so positive.)

By mid-morning, I started feeling like I couldn’t breath. Maybe that’s what happens when you have no idea how to direct yourself to eat for the day. What the what is happening to you when you can’t even instruct yourself what to eat for the day?

Should I count calories? Avoid carbs? Slice and dice? Weigh before morning coffee? I had no idea but I knew I had problems.

Not real problems, of course. Because my family still loves me. (Except for the cat. I never really know how she feels about me.)  And the sun rose and set yesterday with no issue at all. More like a difficulty. Uncertainty. A matter needing resolution.

Many moons ago, I had real problems with food. In my late teens I was a hot mess ~ me and food. And I learned some important things from really smart people:

  1. Women that mismanage food can damage their bodies and have trouble getting pregnant / sustaining pregnancy. (At 19, that info right there spooked me clear out of my food ‘issues.’)
  2.  The scale doesn’t give worth. At all. Ever.
  3. Controlling food does not make bigger problems go away. Like fear, past hurt, or unforgiveness.

So, my current ‘problem’ is more about a lack of direction.

Since hitting my forties ~ I’ve had a lack of direction regarding food. And that lack of direction is creating an undesired abundance. Does anyone out there understand?

So, I’m just wondering: Does anyone have 3 Surefire Ways to Lose Weight? (And now you are wondering ~ did she just bait and switch with this post title?)

Please. Share your smart tips. I really am in a conundrum here.

Now, the good news is that I am meeting with Tatum tomorrow.  And I know she’ll have something to say. Lots actually.

… to be continued.

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