365 days.

Deep breaths. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Because this girl, my sweet little Sara, is starting her senior year in high school today.

Today is “the last first day of high school!” (That’s what all her friends keep saying to one another.)

Yes, I know.

And today is also the last day ‘first day’ I’ll make her breakfast, kiss her on the cheek and watch her walk out the door with her backpack to go to high school.


When Kate was taking her senior pictures at the Frio, all I kept thinking was … deep breaths.

And remember, Susie, to count the days.

I’ve been counting her days for years. Ever since I read it here. And realized the unbelievable importance of keeping first things first. Of being a mom with a heart of wisdom.

So today, I counted up.

And I only have 365 days left to enjoy the pleasure of seeing this sunny face every single day.

Deep breaths.

Counting the days.

… a little teary, Mom? This might help.