4 Things You Should Be Doing in 2011 …

Last night, we welcomed 2011 around the dinner table.  My whole family …which is kinda rare since we have older (read: busy) children. We talked through the typical New Year’s Eve questions – things like ‘best thing about 2010’ and ‘worst thing about 2010’ and then my minister man asked what each of us thought ACF should be doing in 2011. Great question. Interesting answers.

After that, I decided to ask my family a question. Because, as I explained a few days ago, I’ve been a little lost lately. I asked them: What do you think I should be doing in 2011?

They each had somewhat similar leanings for my life but it was my son, Will 3, that completely got me. And cracked me up. He said:

From what I see, you need these 4 things in your life to be fulfilled:

#1. Riding …

Yes. Matter of fact, there is no quicker way to change my outlook than a barn visit. Here’s Kinetic, the horse Sara and I ride. Oh dear God – thank you for a husband that sees the value in the expense.

#2. A good 50 – 60% of waking hours at home.

I laughed when he said this … but it’s true. I love home. For me, domesticity is sweet. (Took this yesterday of the violets on my desk. Full bloom. Delightful!) But it’s not just home for home’s sake. It’s because – the people I love most live here. And that is what led me to have this hard, awkward conversation with my boss.

#3. A flexible schedule … so you can drop and run.

Um, yes. And I wish I’d had this one in mind when our daughter Emily landed in the hospital ER late one night last month. Gratefully, my minister man came to the rescue in a big way … but I do feel like it’s more my job. As my mom said, Someone has to be the hub of the wheel at home. And I think that should be me. So, I need the flexibility to drop and run … and be a mom. And a wife. And, yes, even a homemaker.

#4. A creative outlet

And yes, again, my fine psych major son. A creative outlet is uber important to me. That’s why I spend time writing. It’s why I’ve partnered with several publishers … authoring books. I have a message. But it’s not words for words sake … rather (hopefully), it’s words for your sake.

I want to encourage you.

I want to encourage you to know your self. To make good decisions. To live the life that sits well with your soul – and the people you love most. I hope to encourage you to please God in what you do. As I seek to do the same.

So, dear friend …

What are the 4 things you should be doing in 2011?

PS. Here’s a Happy New Year Giveaway :)