6 ways to stay close to God

I tend to wander. Do you?

I wake early, scribble down a list of all my to-do’s … and before you know it, I’m feeling disconnected from God. I know He sits close but all too often, I’m distracted.

Here are a few of the ways I pull myself back to His attention.

1. Get Outside: There is nothing like getting outdoors to re-focus. Stare at the clouds. Listen to the birds. Spend some time wondering about God as Creator.

2. Set a Daily Reminder: About a year ago, I set a daily reminder on my phone at 3 pm. So every day at 3 pm, I hear a tone that prompts me to thank God for what I’m doing right at that moment.

3. Meet with an Inspiring Friend: Make lunch plans or a coffee date with the friend that asks the tough questions, dives deep, and speaks the truth. Someone you know will kick your spiritual booty.

4. Commit to Reading a Daily Devotional: My long-term favorite is My Utmost for His Highest. I also love Jesus Calling. What’s yours?

5. Thank God for Everything: This has the potential to radically change your life. Today, thank God for every single thing that happens ~ good and bad.

6. Turn off the Radio and Pray in Your Car: I love listening to music when I’m driving but when I want to bump up the closeness quotient, I turn it off and pray out loud instead.

What are some ways you stay close to God?