7 Quick Ways to Know if You’re Rich …

Rich is a relative term. I’ve been reminded of that reading Enough.

While we might not be rich compared to people who live in the Hamptons (one of the wealthiest zip codes in the nation), we are rich compared to the majority of people around the world (ie: read mopping Haiti).

And yet, many mornings I wake up uneasy about my family’s financial future. Worried how I’ll pay for college for my three kids ~ or pay down debt on a credit card. Concerned about buying Christmas presents for our big ole family. Yep, I think about things like that.

When I think like that, I realize I need a refresher on the reality of my situation. Because there is a slight chance I’m getting sucked into a faux ‘poverty mindset’ which leads me to feeling stingy, anxious, and unjoyful.

7 quick ways to know if you're rich

To combat this faux reality, I created:

7 Quick Ways to Know if You’re Rich

1. You woke up this morning and realized you are low on milk. Before this evening, you will make a grocery trip to get a gallon of milk (and possibly other everyday essentials you need for your family).

2. You dropped your cell phone in the sink. Oh, stink! That means sometime this week (probably today!), you’ll have to get to the store to purchase a new one.

3. You have a pet in your home. Your pet is well-fed, has access to veterinary care and sleeps in a ‘bed’ ~ maybe even yours.

4. If your car is out of gas, you fill it up.

5. You have food on the table, in the pantry, in the fridge. So much food that sometimes you throw food out because you don’t get around to eating it all.

6. You have access to hot water for bathing. You sleep in a bed at night in a climate controlled room.

7. You have the education to read this. You are reading this on a computer or a smart phone. (Rich.)

Living with a poverty mindset in a rich reality leads to the lie that you don’t have enough. 

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