7 secret things about me.

Because I wrote kind of dark, depressing posts about pain in the last few weeks, I thought I’d let you in on stuff that goes on that maybe I shouldn’t be writing publicly. Stuff that has no significance. Weird stuff. That might amuse you. Or could scare you to pieces.

1. Upon catching RSD (you really can’t catch it but when I’m all hooked up to my TENS unit, I look seriously contagious), my right hand became a whole unique person in our family. A bossy, rude, demanding family member. His name: HAND. And everyone must tiptoe around HAND because HAND is a ‘difficult’ personality. HAND is sensitive (!!!). He is phobic about temperature extremes, wants a king-sized bed to himself and always calls shot-gun. HAND has a large collection of special bath products because twice a day, HAND requires a big warm bath followed by fabulous smelling lotions. More on that another time.

2. I cannot go the barn without bawling because I miss Kinetic so much. I have only been to Lonestar twice since my accident.

kinetic me{that’s me & kinetic, in the good old days.}

3. Currently completely obsessed with Sara Bareilles The Blessed Unrest. Love Hercules. On repeat.

4. I’m concerned I have a co-dependent relationship with my hand therapist. She is the only one I’ve met that’s a match for HAND both physically and mentally. I wanted her to come to Colorado with us.

5. I stopped eating all foods with added sugar 4 days ago (wine does not have added sugar) because my son is getting married in 51 days (!!) This is a super stressful (the no sugar thing) but it is the only hope I have of losing or at least maintaining my weight because HAND does not like exercise.

6. I discovered when you are in the bath (see #1) with your ears submerged under water, you can hear your stomach growl. And weird plumbing noises.

7. I secretly want to be my niece, Kate Stafford. Because she takes such freaking amazing pictures. Like this one of my other niece, Elizabeth.

kate stafford austin portraits

Wait … I think I secretly want to be Elizabeth too. I mean, just look at those baby blues.


Okay now. What’s one little secret thing about you?