8 Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve collected a few gift ideas for you. Lovely gifts likely to make mom happy and some designed to help other people as well.

Esperos Bags

I discovered Esperos through Emily, who is one of my daughter’s roommates at UT. Emily is intelligent ~ she is an accounting major. Emily is arty and sentimental ~ she plays the piano because of her grandma. I regard her as one of my dear daughters (‘dear daughters’ are twenty-somethings that I think as my own … some of them even call me Mama Suz :).

Esperos Adelaide Urban Tote

I love this bag. It’s made of canvas and leather, designed right here in Austin. And besides being extremely utilitarian, it’s good-looking. This is the Adelaide Urban Tote. Perfect for slipping in my laptop, a couple journals and some of my favorite pens then heading off to a quiet place and get some word count.

I like it. My youngest, Sara, wants to steal it. You’ll like it too.

Want good news? Every product sold funds one year of education for a child in need. More good news? The sweet folks at Esperos created a discount code just for you. Use this code: GOODNEWSGIRL for 15% off of any Esperos order!

Spark Joy

I do not hide the fact that I adore Marie Kondo. Her companion book to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is my latest addiction. It’s called Spark Joy … and it has me sparking joy all over my house. As a creative, I am astounded at how she made magic with a few phrases that resulted in a best-selling book about organizing. And as a writer, I am delighted that tidying is my latest form of procrastination from finishing necessary word count. It’s a pretty little book and a fun gift. Get these books and maybe offer to help mom organize her closet as well?

Spark Joy Marie Kondo

Little Books

Sarah Farley of Little Books is one of my favorites. Her Instagram feed will make you happy. Her heart brims with creativity and joy. I love her. And I adore her journals.

I’ve filled four with lots of words already so I have an order in for several more. Her journals are one-of-a-kind beautiful. All hand-painted and lettered.

Little Books by Sarah Farley

For Mother’s Day, Sarah designed and illustrated this gorgeous Moleskine journal. She pulled this verse out of Jeremiah 31:4 … and ohmygracious, I LOVE this. Delicate, lovely, joyful. Yes, mom needs it. And you need it too. Order a lot because …

ALL proceeds benefit Young Life. Yep, 100% of the profits go to Vista Ridge High School students’ scholarship to Wilderness Ranch this summer.

That’s what Sarah’s heart looks like y’all. Support this spectacular dear daughter with all kinds of orders. Order here: LITTLE BOOKS

Romertopf Clay Baker

Okay, I’ll be completely honest. I didn’t get my first Romertopf Clay Baker online … I found it at an estate sale for a couple bucks. I regarded it as an experiment because frankly, I had no idea what it was or what it could do. But when I found out that it makes the most delicious roast chicken and veggies, I was sold. And I’m telling you the truth: If you don’t happen to find a cheapo one at an estate sale like me, it’s totally worth paying fifty bucks or more on Amazon. If you’re mom is a foodie and she doesn’t have one, she’ll love it.

Romertopf Clay Baker


Is your mom a worrier? Or do you know a young mama that’s a little fearful and anxious? I used to be so afraid when my kids were little but God set me free. I’m a former fear-er by God’s grace. Mothering is so much nicer when you’re unafraid. When Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World was released about this time last year I had no idea what a nerve it would touch with fear-ers everywhere.

unafraid book club to-go

Amazon reviewer Jocelyn said, “ I STILL can’t get over what was waiting for me inside the pages. Tears POURED down my face as I read some of Susie’s sentences and realized that someone ELSE felt the way I had felt all these years. I realized that I had started breaking up with God, too, unable to trust in His goodness in the face of the devastation my husband has put our family through for many years. Finally, someone connected the dots for me and explained what I had never seen and therefore, never been able to understand.


Alongside the book, I created The Unafraid Book Club To-Go which is really a Bible study with 8 teaching videos, scripture and questions to help walk you through your own journey with God.

Lafco Chamomile Lavender

I know, this one is more expensive but it’s one of the nicest candles I’ve ever burned. I found Lafco Chamomile Lavender  in Highland Park the weekend Will and Amy got married (my letter to my sweet DIL here) and loved it ever since. It’s clean and sophisticated. Not at all heavy but it will fill up a room or even small house. As much as I love the smell of Anthropologie (Aspen Bay’s Capri Blue), it can be heavy. This never is … rather, it’s like a grown-up you who knows just how much perfume to spray without overwhelming people in the elevator. Lafco’s candles get it right. If your mom needs a scent that will make things seem lovely and fresh without being overly feminine or heavy, you must get this one for her. She’ll be grateful.

lafco chamomile lavender candle

Oh, and the Lafco Chamomile Lavender soap is nice too. And not nearly as pricey.

lafco chamomile lavender soap

Grocery Store Roses

How about grocery store roses? We pay about ten bucks for a dozen at our Randall’s down the street. I buy them for myself often and they make me wildly happy. I even keep a few at the front door and hand them out when people leave my house … because why not? It makes people special to leave with a rose.

Vendula Roses Susie Davis

The Mother Letters

Finally, my writer friends, Amber and Seth Haines, did something pretty spectacular. They compiled notes from moms to moms. Truly encouraging. It’s called: The Mother Letters. This is a great gift book for Mother’s Day. The wisdom inside the pages is perfect for young mothers.

the mother letters

Okay sweet friend. There are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how to honor those special mamas in your life.

PS. I’m teaching at ACF Mother’s Day about something that makes my heart pound … can’t wait and would love to see you there. xoxo