A Good Father

Three things to remember today …

Vendula Roses Susie Davis

You are in the middle of a beautiful and redemptive story.

Friend … you are still in the middle of your story. God is not finished yet. The end will be redemptive. Because He is a good Father. That’s the Good News.

Lake Austin Laguna Gloria Susie Davis

Enjoy the beauty you see and believe for the beauty you can’t see.

Every single morning, God unfolds all kinds of everyday wonder. In small places. And big spaces. His signature written across the sky. That’s the beauty you see. But there’s also beauty yet to be revealed in your life. Those prayers whispered … He hears you. Believe for the beauty that is coming in your life.

Good News Not Forgotten Susie Davis

Share the Good News.

There are a lot of people in the world out there who can’t see or feel or believe anything but hopelessness. There are a lot of people who know nothing of the Good Father. Share the love of God by reminding them that they are not forgotten. Smile and tell them God loves them.

Much love and peace to you. xoxo

Need more Good News? I love this sermon from my pastor/husband Will. It’s good stuff.

PS> Will’s new book, The Man Who Told Us the Truth is out now!

man who told us the truth will davis jr