a gracious opportunity

Aren’t the flowers gorgeous? Remnants from a family wedding last weekend.

That day was special day to all of us. Perfect weather, stunning bride, beaming parents and at the end of the night: A happily married couple.

I was thinking on that day this morning. Wishing every day could feel that spectacular.

That every day could be filled with perfect weather, happy people, and glorious bouquets of flowers.

Then I picked up my Bible. And read this: Rejoice. Change your ways.

And suddenly I realized. In a small, subtle way … I let myself drift into thinking that Saturday was unique in it’s wonder. That last Saturday’s perfect weather, happy people and flowers somehow make today ordinary.  Nearly fooled into believing that today, this very day, is anything other than a glorious, undeserved gift from God Himself.

Today, with it’s unseen circumstance and it’s peculiar brand of crazy ~ is just as much a gift as Saturday.

Today’s wonder stands ready to be unwrapped.

And so today, presents an opportunity for me and you. To rejoice.