A Happy Hour

Last night, we had a fabulous, little happy hour at my house. Just a few of the 20-something-year-old girl cousins … and me. Lucky me. See, when you host a happy hour at your house – you get to attend – even if you’re not a 20-something-year-old girl.

As always, I tossed my ‘Big God Questions’ out on the table. Stuff like:

What does God want from you at this time in your life? What are the 4 things you need in your life to stay balanced and happy and loveable? And if you could only watch one TV show for a whole month, only one, what would it be? (So maybe this isn’t a BGQ, but it’s fun anyhow …)

The question that generated the most conversation (and delight) was: What are the 4 things in your life you need to stay balanced and happy? (I got the idea from a post here.)

They listed things like:

Quiet time in the morning with God and coffee* Time outside at the barn, at the lake, or jogging * Sunlight. All kinds. Especially dappled. * Music * A place that’s clean and organized.*Being with people * Time alone

I love these girls.

I think it’s so important to know what things we need in life to be sane and balanced and happy. Sure, life isn’t always sane and balanced and you still gotta get and give some happy. But when you’re aware of your personality and the optimum life patterns – it makes it easier to be loveable. And to love. Which I think is part of God’s design for our lives. Yes?

So today since it’s likely that you’re still sitting in your pj’s sipping coffee and not at work (Happy 4th of July by the way!!) you probably have a little extra time this morning … maybe even an hour. One little, happy hour all to yourself. To think. And ask yourself BGQ.

What are the things you need in your life. To stay balanced. And happy … and loveable?