a patient man

Will and I are finishing up  a trip in New York City. Stunning. Amazing. Unbelievable. Loads of experiences and pictures … but more on that later.

This morning, as I recline in bed typing away –  I am stunned speechless by my husband. Because he is such a patient man.

Exhibit One. Patience in the park.

That would be Central Park. I got entirely carried away snapping pictures of the unbelievable architecture with Mr. Fancy Pants. Needless to say, Will did a lot of waiting around for me. See Exhibit Two. I’m shopping — he’s waiting. There was shopping on 5th. In Soho and Noho. My oh my – he was sooo patient. And now to top it off … he is patiently calling the airline. Getting me home a little earlier cause basically, it hurts to walk: Shopping Footitus. I have walked my feet into oblivion shopping NYC.

And I thought Texas was big. There’s nothing the size of NYC except perhaps … my husband’s patience.