a quiet corner

My friend, Roxann, told me that she plans to prioritize bible reading and prayer with God as her first thing each morning during Lent in an effort to build a lasting habit. I think that’s such a good idea. To wake up a little earlier and offer those first moments to God.

I’ve been working on that. And I actually created a space in my house designated for that purpose. A place to read and pray and journal before the morning starts …

Last month, I commissioned Kelly Ann to paint two of my favorite verses. This one in particular, is a life verse. A confession trumping circumstance. I fell in love with the passage because it changed my life during a time when I distrusted God.

Now when I sit in that corner, I remember God is good. All the time. And He is always worthy of my trust. I love that quiet corner.

Maybe you could find a quiet corner, too. Just for you and God.