Airplane Etiquette

A couple weeks ago. I was traveling from Austin to Houston for a speaking event. I boarded the Southwest flight in ‘group A.’ Primo spot in line. (Score.)

I waited in line. Boarded as orderly as ever. And found an aisle seat in the second row. (Smile.)

I quickly shuffled the bags in the bin over my seat, then reached down to wrangle my overnight bag to the bin above … and it happened.

This guy walked right up behind me and stuffed his bag in the spot I created. And without even acknowledging me, he slid to the window seat and stared out sullenly.


I was shocked at the rudeness. And I looked around for confirmation. Two women saw the whole weird thing – they wagged their heads at him.


So after a few minutes, I found another space for my bag, stuffed it in the bin and sat down … astonished: What in the world is he thinking? Just who in the world does that?

But within minutes, my astonishment collapsed into conundrum.

Because my aisle seat always gives me an aisle view … of all the people waiting to find a seat. And a spot in the bin. One tired face after another scanning the insides of the airplane.

And it always makes me wonder … that God has enough love to go around.

He loves each and every one of those tired faces. Even that one tired face staring sullenly out the window. Cares for all of us. Unconditionally. Regardless of the etiquette.

And that makes me wonder: What in the world is he thinking? Just who in the world does that?

Doesn’t it make you wonder too?