An Unprofessional Portrait

Every day … I try to remember an important truth: People are my number one priority. In particular, these people. My family.

This was taken over the Christmas break when I had the fabulous fortune of having all my people home at the same time. A rare occurrence indeed. I was sitting at my desk answering emails and I looked up and realized … this is what matters most in my life. These are the people that take preeminence over everything. No matter what is going on professionally or personally – these are my people. They come first.

Sometimes when life gets crazy, I look at this picture.

Sometimes when I am tired, I look at this picture.

Sometimes when I feel tempted to take on too much, I look at this picture.

It’s better than any professional portrait … because it reminds me of the beauty of my everyday life. And the beauty of the people in it.

“… near the end of my life, it won’t matter how many toys I’ve collected, how big my house was, or for that matter, even how much of an inheritance I’ve tucked away for my children and grandchildren. What will matter most is what I did and who I was for the people in my life.”  Susie Davis, excerpt from Uncovered