Antique Weekend Part 2: Pieces of the Past

As promised, I am supplying the name of another fabulous Texas vendor just outside Austin. Her name is Kathy Johnson and she specializes in architectural antiques. (LOVE them!!!) I met Kathy last summer on the way home from Leaky, Texas which is where we spend our annual family vacation. Emily, Sara and my niece Kate were in the car with me and we had just as we rolled into Johnson City when Kate started talking about a must see store with all kinds of architectural finds: Pieces of the Past.

This richly detailed piece is from an old building from Indiana ... grateful someone salvaged it so I can enjoy it in my garden.

We pulled in the parking lot disappointed to see it wasn’t open yet. But we weren’t disappointed long because we noticed Kathy inside – so we knocked on the door. She welcomed us in (Texas friendly!) and we took our time picking out some of the most interesting pieces I’ve yet to find. I’m just showing you a few things I picked up but she’s got oodles things: Antique drawer pulls, chandeliers, iron door knockers, mirrors, metal signs, plant stands, windows, old church hardware (that I want), industrial bottles (that I crave) … I could go on and on but I’m getting tired here folks.

This vintage acorn finial is heavy - and beautiful. I scored a pair.

Kathy also has a spot at Warrenton this year – just down the way from Clutter. I got a sweet pair of aged garden tools made right here in the USA (see below) – it’s just the sort of stuff that makes me so happy and makes my husband utterly confused.

More ‘yard art?’ he says. But of course! I respond. He doesn’t understand how cute they look placed next to a plant like this …

or in a big pot of lemon balm like this …

If you don’t catch Kathy at Warrenton this year … no worries. She’s got a shop full of finds in Johnson City – right at the corner of 104 Hwy 281 S. and Hwy 290 W. When you stop by, tell her I said hi.