art takes time.

Cat is coming over today. We’re going to take pretty pictures and eat lunch. I am terrifically excited because Cat knows how to take amazing photos and I know she’ll teach me a thing or two.

But I’m also excited because my soul is tired and the artist inside of me needs refueling.

Cat is an artist ~ so she understands. Little things like a delicious lunch and a garden walk can make a big difference.

I have been reminded of late that art takes t-i-m-e. Lots of it. Why, just yesterday, I labored over this post for 4 hours. Three separate drafts and four hours later, I finally finished it. Yes, I’m absolutely serious. Stringing those little thoughts together with those two photos took that much time.

That’s when I realized I desperately needed refueling. So today, I’ll share something delicious from my kitchen and step outside with my camera … and just play a bit. Because there are days when you have to be gentle with your tired, arty soul.

When your soul is tired, how do you refuel?

PS. Recently watched Coco before Chanel (pinned it here) ~ gorgeous film. You might like it.

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