ask for help …

Just over a week ago when I realized I was a part-time mother, I was ready to completely fall apart. And I was considering all kinds of things to fix my pain like training for a marathon or starting a pie blog …

Gratefully, I have decided on a pie project. Mini version of a whole-live-long-pie-blog. But much less stressful and sweaty than training for a marathon. I enlisted Laura Lee to help me.

Y’all, Laura Lee just graduated from high school. Laura Lee is headed to Baylor. But before she goes off to Waco, we’re going to create some fabulous fun. Already got one video loaded up and ready to go live and it is the cutest thing ever. I made the pie while she captured it on video then she put the whole thing to music. It’s so happy.

I had this pie project floating around in my head for months but didn’t know how to execute. Then I saw Laura Lee’s senior video project on Facebook ~ and I was so impressed. This girl has some serious talent. So I messaged her and asked if she’d be up for helping me with my pie project.

We met on the front porch at church, we talked until we could talk no longer and we started planning things out for the summer. The synergy was magnificent. And it created so much joy. For me. And for Laura Lee.

As I was thinking about that ~ and looking through my photos this morning, I realized something real important: When you need help, ask for it. It might feel vulnerable to ask for help but that’s what we’re all here for ~ yes?

  • If your house is a mess, ask for help.
  • If your kids are driving you crazy, ask for help.
  • If your eating is out of control, ask for help.
  • If your marriage is in trouble, ask for help.
  • If you don’t know how to execute a project, ask for help.

Is there something you need help with? How might we help?