Asleep on the Floor

My  husband slept on the floor last night.

No, it’s not at all what you’re thinking. It’s actually completely romantic. And endearing.

Goes something like this: I fall asleep. He falls asleep. He thrashes his legs about (because weekends are a bear) and wakes me up. I tug on his arm and suggest Advil. I notice a faint light flicker in the bathroom and then I fall into a deep slumber.

I wake in the morning to find that man cocooned in a comforter … on the floor.

God love him.

Gracious me, oh my …  what a thoughtful man.

A good marriage is hard work. (Especially for my husband!) But marriage is worth the hard work.

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Meanwhile, the winner in the Good Marriage Giveaway was Jamie Rannila who said:

My husband has sacrificed so much for me and my kids. We struggled with infertility for years and then were blessed with triplets. They were so much work when they were born that my husband agreed to pack us up and move us across the country (in January!) just so that I could be near my family for help and support. He had to find a new job and start literally a new life with us thousands of miles from home. He’s an amazing husband and I’m thankful for your week of marriage posts to remind me how much he means to me!