Backyard Vintage :: simple thanksgiving

I like to pick up vintage sprinklers at garage sales and thrift stores. It’s one of my favorite things.

Kate and Emily like to make fun of me because of it.

When we thrift together and I spy a vintage sprinkler or yard tool ~ I always swoop it up and say: Oh my gosh! Just look at this! I think I should get it!

Kate gently lectures: Well, I know you like it but do you think you need it?

Emily’s more direct: Mom, you really already have some of those.

(Emily’s also very direct when I see rain boots. I love rain boots. I want rain boots. It’s hard for me to pass on a cute pair of rain boots. I might have some sort of rain-boot-addiction. And for a girl living in Texas, that’s not a particularly useful addiction. Sprinklers, on the other hand, well ~ yes!)

But today is the day that all my backyard vintage gathering is put to good use. Because today, Kate and Ronne are helping me host a ‘Vintage Picnic’ at the lake house for Sara and her friends. Think simple sandwiches, cupcakes, cards, music, picture taking and vintage sprinkling!

I’m going to set up a few of those sweet vintage sprinklers and see what happens.

I’m thinking somebody might get wet.

Want your own vintage sprinkler? Etsy has some here …

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