Barista. Habit.

Two all important things have happened in the last several weeks.

1. I became a barista.

2. I broke a habit.


I am not a professional but my teenager does not seem to care. Because every morning she gets up and says, “Mom, can you make me an espresso?” And I reply, “Of course. I am a barista, baby.”

I pick a mug. I touch a few buttons. The machine hums a few bars in the key of C (my teenager informed me ~ she is a genius music freak) and then the crema delight appears in the cup. Isn’t it gorgeous … ?

This Nespresso Pixie made me a barista. I have wanted this little espresso maker since June. But it was too pricey. And then in late November, there was a 2 day sale at Williams Sonoma. The little darling was 40% off. I hemmed. I hawed. And then I finally purchased it. I adore it. Definitely one of my favorites.


I learned to drink coffee in college so I could study for finals. And the only thing that kept me drinking coffee was half & half. I poured in enough half & half to make my coffee tawny. Delicious tawny.

Over the years, I developed an addiction affection for my tawny coffee. And then it happened. Something came between me and my tawny coffee. It was Tatum. She challenged me to cut out my precious half & half. To abstain. For a whole week …

Didn’t she know that me and tawny coffee have been besties since college?

But I did it. And now, I no longer drink half & half in my coffee. It was the little Pixie that sings in the key of C and creates delicious crema that helped me. And of course, tough ole Tatum helped me, too. ;)

If you’d like to become a barista, I highly recommend the Pixie.

If you’d like to break stubborn habits, I highly recommend Tatum.

And if you’d like to lose some weight, I’d love to invite you to join us (me and Tatum, not me and the Pixie) in January when we start a 21 day diet challenge. Just sign up for my newsletter ~ and you’ll get all the important information about our upcoming ebook and the challenge dates.

Okay, see ya and have a great day!

I’m off to barista, baby.