be strong, take heart … wait for the Lord

Every morning for breakfast, I have an egg, toast and coffee. It’s my little routine.

I grab a paper filter and carefully line the filter basket. I open the mason jar that holds the coffee, scoop out 3 tablespoons and dump it in the basket. Then I fill the water reservoir up ~ enough for 3 cups of Central Market’s smoothest yummiest coffee.

Then I head to the cook top. I get out my GreenPan (best one ever for perfect sunny side up eggs) and melt a little butter then carefully crack an egg in the pan. I watch as the tiny bubbles start to form on the edges of the yolk. Everything is good here, so I move on to the toast.

For me, it’s the 6 Grain German (again, CM). I pop a piece in the toaster.

By now, I hear the coffee maker gurgling and I see the egg changing composition … everything’s moving along. The aroma of the toast fills the kitchen and the coffee is dripping into the carafe. I have no anxiety at all about breakfast because there is evidence everywhere that breakfast is in process.

be strong take heart wait for the Lord

As I was making breakfast this morning, I was thinking about how with spiritual matters I’m not always as confident. I pray and then I worry. Or I pray about something for so long, that I get tired and give up.

I pray for things and during the WAIT ~ I wonder if God even heard my prayers. I don’t SEE or HEAR or SMELL anything really. No evidence of any answers. Nothing like the dripping of coffee or the aroma of toast. I can’t see any transformation like the egg frying up in the pan.

Waiting is hard.
Makes you want to give up, walk out.
Living in expectation that God is answering your prayers when you can’t see anything is difficult …

I guess that’s why all over the Bible there are words like this.

Be strong.
Take heart.
Wait for the Lord.

I need more patience in the WAIT.

Maybe you too? Want to pray with me?

Oh dear God,
You promise me that You hear my prayers.
And You are a good Father. You aren’t ignoring me or off doing something more important. So though I can’t see evidence of answers, You hear me and You are transforming things. While I’m waiting, could You help me to be strong and take heart?

Thank You.