bear one another’s burdens

Last week at our family cabin in Estes Park, we saw a bear.

Story went something like this: We pulled up to the cabin. Made a joyous commotion. Struggled and laughed as we dragged our luggage inside. Then pulled open the drapes to find this cinnamon bear helping himself at the bird feeder.

There were gasps and people grabbing iphones to press up against the picture window. But what happened next surprised us all. Someone decided to leave the safety of the cabin and creep outside on the porch for a close up. That someone was me.

I did take a super quick looksie both ways to make sure momma bear wasn’t around the corner. But gracious, me-oh-my … I stepped outside the cabin on to the porch to get pictures. 

What was I thinking?!

Ridiculous. Audacious. Crazy lady with a camera.

And then when the bear jumped off the rail to leave, I called out: Hey there, little fella …

{There’s ‘little fella’ looking at the smart people taking photos with their smart phones through the picture window.}

I’m telling you this story because my husband, Will, has to put up with an awful lot. Well, yes. I am a Frito eating, pie-making, horseback riding mess. But there’s also this whole other part of me that you might not know about …

As a young bride and mother, I was terrifically fearful and completely controlling. I think emotionally, I was trying to reach back and organize my messy past. (Here’s a video/interview here that explains my past.)

For years, I wouldn’t stay alone, I got scared at the craziest things, and was phobic about germs with my children. But instead of sermonizing, Will prayed Truth over my life. Instead of theorizing or chastising ~ he prayed Proverbs 31:25 which says:

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

So now I laugh at the future. I stay alone. I don’t carry hand sanitizer. But of course, I do walk out on porches to take pictures of bears …

It’s probably time for me to pray for Will. And I think I found the perfect verse. Aw, I bet you know it:  Bear one another’s burdens. :)


“Prayer is where the action is …” ~ John Wesley


PS. If you want direction in how to pray for your spouse, this marriage book is the one for you.