Best marriage advice?

Megan and Jerry are some of my favorite people in the whole world. And the fact that they’re getting married soon makes me enormously happy. Just look at them …

Aren’t they are beautiful?

Regarding these photos by Jennifer Monnich, I told Jerry that though he’s a good-looking guy … he doesn’t have a chance when Megan’s around. Are you staring at her? Don’t feel bad. She’s seriously gorgeous.

Just the other evening, I was at a shower for the two of them and Jerry asked me …

“What’s your best marriage advice?”

I thought about that for a minute – cause I’ve been married a while – like 25 years. And I’ve also written several books on the subject — I told him:

Some times will be hot. Enjoy. And some times will be cold. Hang tight. In every marriage, there are ups and downs. But what you need to have to sustain your relationship is a marriage mission. That will pull you through the good  times and the bad. Because as good as God is to give you a soul mate … it’s not just about the two of you enjoying each other. You are together to make a difference.*

What’s your best advice for Megan and Jerry?