best way to start your day

The last couple weeks, I’ve been a little undone. Maybe it’s the season I’m in or maybe it’s just laziness. But instead of reading my Bible first thing in the morning ~ I’ve taken to sitting outside with my coffee and just letting my thoughts unfold with the dawn.

It’s nice to sit and enjoy the morning. And I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with it. But I’ve realized something important. Left to myself, I’m not entirely dependable.

My mind wanders aimlessly.

I think on my list of things to do. The unfinished conversation I had with a friend. Vacation plans. Book ideas. Whether or not that suspicious mole is something I should be suspicious of …

Now, could be I have adult onset ADHD (I have been accused of that), but more than likely it’s just that I need direction. First thing. From something bigger than myself. Instantaneous engagement from the only thing that is a sure bet to get me going in the right direction: God’s Word.

I need it because it’s living, active, and able to cut through all the crud I come up with first thing in the morning. ;)

I want to encourage you to give God and his Word a try first thing. There are lots of ways to do that:

These are just a few. I know there are tons more … if you have something that works for you, please let us know in the comments.

What’s your best ‘bible’ way to start the day?