Birth of a Blog Post

In case you’ve ever wondered …

Wake up. Read. Think. Ask.

Drink coffee. Go to computer. Log in. Click ‘add new.’  Type words. Delete words. 

Look outside. Look inside. Listen. Wait.

Search flagged photos. Upload a photo. Write words. Delete words. Delete photo.

Say hello on FB. Check Twitter. Hang out on Pinterest.

Look outside. Look inside. Drink more coffee. Put on hoodie. Pull back hair. Pet cat.

Write new words. Preview words. Write to-do list.

Wash dirty dishes. Start laundry. Google: DIY wrinkle releaser.

Write  more words. Consider a walk. Preview words. Find photo.

Upload photo. Read words. Edit. Re-read words. Categorize post. Walk away.

Preview once. Preview twice. Preview three times. Click ‘publish.’


So, tell me … did I leave anything out?