Bliss? 7 Things You Should Know

I am going to a conference called Blissdom. And I do not know a soul. I feel a lot like I did the week before I started junior high. A little sick. A little excited. And a little like I wish I could stay in grade school forever. I keep reminding myself I’m a grown-up now. And that grown-ups don’t need to freak-out because they don’t know who they’ll sit by in the lunch room at a conference. That it shows others how much of a loser you are confidence you have to be able to eat at a hotel restaurant alone. That it really doesn’t matter what you wear the first day of school to a woman’s conference because it’s the inside that counts.

But I still feel a little sick. So I have decided on complete authenticity right up front … yep, I gonna let it all hang out. Right here. Right now. That way I figure you are free to make a judgment before we actually meet in person. And if you duck when you see me coming, I’ll understand you read this post and decided it’s best if we aren’t friends.

Ready? Here we go …

7. I may dress cute, but still likely to be torturing myself. (Inwardly singing ‘We’re Young and Beautiful.’)

6. Addicted to chewing gum: Trident Peppermint Splash. Faced with shortage, I will not share.

5. Not really a precious-bible-study-girl. Some curse words make me laugh – especially when least expected.

4. I’m a wicked dancer and bad at karaoke. Case in point:

3. By night #3 away from home, I will likely get severely homesick. I might even cry.

2. For comfort, I have been know to skip real food altogether and dine on Cheez-its and Merlot.

1. Finally, though I author books on relationships, it doesn’t mean I always get them right. Not with God, my husband or my kids. Far from perfect but close to grace.


Okay, I feel better. That’s pure bliss.

Anything I should know about you? (Whether you’re going to Blissdom or not!)