Boulder. Colorado. Shopping.

A great girl’s trip always includes a little shopping and we did our fair share in Boulder, Colorado. If you haven’t had the chance to visit Boulder and you’re in the area – it’s really a must. Boulder is bright and arty but cozy. We wandered up and down Pearl Street. It has a super chill atmosphere that invites you to sit down and relax. Plenty of places to do that …

Then we stopped by the Laughing Goat and I picked up one of the best chai tea lattes I’ve had to date. While I was waiting, the barista presented this beauty to the girl standing in front of me. I thought she out ordered me … til I tasted the latte … which was heaven.

We walked a little more.

And rested a little more – with some fun stops at places like Bliss in between.

But the one stop I need to tell you about that made everyone so entirely happy is Angie Star Jewelry on Pearl Street.

Angie Star has amazing handmade jewelry by local women designers – one of whom was in the shop when we stopped by! Here name is Miranda (on left). We also met Kit (right), an intern from CU. She stamped out a piece of custom jewelry while we waited. They were both so sweet.

At Angie Star, you can either create your own jewelry or buy one ready for purchase. Here’s some of what we had to choose from while ‘designing’ our own pieces: Pearls, moon stone, amethyst … and any birthstone you can imagine.

Of course – if you’re not in the mood to create your own – there are all sorts of artisan pieces available.

And plenty of views for inspiration …

When you’re done, they’ll wrap it all up for you in a box with a bow. Perfect. Just like our fabulous, weekend girl’s trip.