Chasing Contentment :: simple thanksgiving

I just joined a bible study group ~ not sure if I should call it a group cause there’s just four of us. A bible study quartet? Yep. Maybe so. Anyhoo, I learned four interesting things at our very first meeting yesterday.

One, Roxann makes delicious sandwiches. Mozzarella, pesto and tomato. Sprinkle on a little kosher salt. Lightly brush bread with EVOO And pop it in a panini press. Mmmm.

Second, Karen introduced me to Bell & Bird. I had no idea it existed. A fabulous antique jewelry boutique right here in Austin. {Gosh, I love Austin.}

Third, Lisa revealed the secret of knowing which apples are best for baking. The ones with ‘smooth bottoms.’  This discussion came up because Roxann made Apple Crostata. (I will definitely share this recipe later … wow, it was great!)

Fourth, I realized I am always chasing after contentment. Not sure how this came up in the mix. Somewhere in between bites of Apple Crostata I guess. We were taking turns sharing life stuff and I realized out loud ~ that I am always longing for, looking after and chasing contentment.

And maybe that’s why I landed on simple thanksgiving for a 31 day theme. Because I want so desperately to be a simple thanks-giver.  I understand that the result of gratitude and thanksgiving is contentment.

Contentment is loving your life. Finding joy in the now. It’s taking a plunge in the dark because the fire is too quiet. It’s sitting peaceably in unknowing.  And embracing the blank spaces.  It’s silently picking up thanks when the days are still. And busily gathering when the days are full. Contentment is enjoying your people when they are close. And enjoying still, the fact that time takes them far away.

Contentment is not just counting your blessings ~ it’s living in them. Fully present. Open to the pleasure. And open to the inevitable pain.

Chasing contentment with simple thanksgiving.

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