Chicken and Egg :: Dog and Yard

When I love something ~ whether it’s a new scented candle or Le Pens ~ I get pretty excited about it. Little things make me happy.  Hoping some of my ‘Favorites’ make you happy too. :)

Not so long ago, my childhood friend Corbi, introduced me to chickens living in her suburban backyard. She had 4 chickens but one was a rooster (quite by accident ~ apparently it’s hard to determine the sex of a baby chick until they grow up and wreck your relationship with the neighbors by crowing at dawn). She gave the rooster to a real farmer ~ and kept the hens in her backyard. Ever since then, I’ve always dreamed of having fancy hens in my backyard like this:

But my husband, Will, said no. Because we already have something in our backyard ~ her name is Mary Spoon. She owns our backyard, And Will thinks she might take offense if we filled her yard with hens. He thinks she might be so offended ~ that she’d murder them.

He might be right.

So instead of having fancy hens that lay gorgeous eggs ~ I bought this book instead. Have you seen it? Read it? Enjoyed it?

It’s a book loaded photos and recipes from author Janice Cole (those fancy hens above are her hens!). Tantalizing recipes like Lemon Sizzle Eggs, Fast and Crispy Roast Chicken, and Bittersweet Fudge Pound Cake.

The publisher says,Chicken and Egg is the perfect book for those who are crazy about eggs, chickens, or both, and for those eager to try their hand at backyard farming.”

It’s also perfect for those of us with a lab in the backyard …

You can find the book at Anthropologie … or pay a fraction of the price and order here. You’ll also want to read Janice’s blog: Three Swingin’ Chicks ~ I love it. And follow her on Twitter ~ she’s a delight and always responds.

Chicken and Egg :: Just another one of my Favorite Things!