Children Should Not Leave Home

The cat is crying. And I am making banana nut muffins.

Because children should not leave home.

But Sara, my baby, is leaving just the same. For 3 weeks. That’s a long time for me and the cat to be without her. Forget the fact that she’s 18 and plenty old enough to board a plane by herself and fly away … thousands of miles … to go to camp. Forget that. The cat and I are going to miss this smiling face.

The cat and I are very uncomfortable with her decision. I am handling it like any mother would. I am helping her pack and making her favorite breakfast food. I’m not sure why I chose to do this. I like to think I’m loading her up with comfort food and making sure she has a little something at the airport should she get hungry. Subliminally, I might be trying to keep her from leaving.

The cat has a different approach. It’s more direct.

I think the cat might be on to something …