Confessions of a Christian Wife

This June, Will and I celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. That’s a lot of years. The crazy hard thing about marriage is ~ it’s a never ending learning experience. There is always something I’m figuring out as if for the first time.

Like last night, Will and I were able to pull away for a date night at one of my Austin favorites: Fonda San Miguel. While munching on chips and sipping a margarita, I was able to take a breath and reflect on our intensely crazy last couple of weeks. It was in that respite, I was reminded … there is an enemy of marriage. And if you believe as I do, that God founded marriage, it’s easy to do the math on who is opposed to it.

confessions of a christian wife susie davisBecause of that, I decided this morning to make some confessions out loud. To sit in my home and declare what I know to be true.

1. I confess my husband is my top priority.

Aside from God, my husband is my first concern. Not my children or my job or my house or my hobbies. I will make sure my schedule reflects him as my top priority in time, effort and energy.

2. I confess my children are second to my husband.

I agree with God’s assignment of family priorities. Our children come second to our marriage relationship. I won’t let my natural inclination to worry over my children, care for them and pay attention to them distract me from loving my husband well.

3. I confess my husband is the spiritual leader of our home.

I trust God to lead our family through my husband. I will pray for him and believe God is at work in his life.

4. I confess my husband is not God.

I will not expect my husband to take God’s role in my life or the life of my family. It is God’s job to provide for, protect, save and heal this family. My husband is not perfect but God is … so I will lean into God for my our well being.

5. I confess my marriage is ‘until death do us part.’

I will remember my vow to ‘leave and cleave’ until death parts us. Period. The end.

Do you have some confessions you could add to this list?