Confessions of a Desperate Woman

Every morning, I wake up desperate. From the minute I open my eyes, there are little questions  bouncing around in my head. Questions that can only be answered by God.

So every morning, I make a cup of coffee and head to my quiet corner where I pour out my heart to God in my journal.

I am so desperate. I have been doing this for years. Years of asking and asking …

I didn’t even realize how much I have asked of God until I got around to tagging and dating my journals. I was overwhelmed by the magnitude. The consistency of my neediness.

In a healthy, human relationship ~ I would be entirely annoying. So dependent and clingy.

Day after day of requests … for wisdom, guidance, favor. For provision, protection, peace. Asking for more and more of the same. Morning after morning, day after day.

But in this one relationship, it is so perfectly appropriate. I am a beggar before God.

And I am so grateful.

… are you a beggar, too?