Creating Life Balance

How are you doing with life balance?

I have found one of the best indicators of how I am doing – and I mean how I am really doing – comes when I evaluate my creative endeavors. If I’m not balancing work with rest … I cannot create.

Now, when I say rest, I don’t mean plop down still and quiet on the couch (although that can be nice) – I also mean play. To better understand play and to realize the importance of it – please go read Brene’ Brown’s post on play. And then stop back by …

So, now the hard question: How do you rest, restore, play? What do you do for fun?

When I ask people that question, they often stumble around for an answer. Not sure if they don’t know … or they just don’t.

Me? I ride horses at least once a week. I need to ride even more. Because when I go to the barn (even when I’m sure I don’t have time … ), my soul settles. There’s nothing like the concentration required in managing a 1,000 pound animal to dislocate my head and my heart from my perceived ‘stress’ in life.

Riding is my rest. It’s my play. It’s what I do for fun. It’s what I do to stay balanced. And I am so grateful for it. It’s one of my 4 things ‘resolutions’ for 2011 …

So, now you …

How do you determine when your work life and your rest life is out of balance? And how do you rest, restore and play? What do you do for fun?