creating your life plan

When Will walks out the door at 7 am and I’m on the sofa sipping coffee in my pajamas ready to write, I feel good about life. Purposeful. Productive. Like this is what I’m made to do. But an hour later when I’m obsessing on getting a good picture of Spoonie for Instagram, there’s a real problem. spoonie instagramMorning after morning, I was waking up in a fog. I’d try to start writing and end up organizing a closet or surfing Facebook then spend the rest of the day in self-consternation, wondering what in the world was wrong with me. I felt spent but unproductive. Lazy but exhausted. I needed focus. And I got it by spending a few days going through something called: Creating Your Life Plan.

It’s a video course by author Donald Miller. He and Shauna Niequist walk through the program together. They are super authentic and incredibly helpful, almost feels like you’re at the table with them.

Based on the work of Dr. Viktor Frankl, Miller believes a deep sense of meaning can be found three ways:

  • Clearly defined roles, goals and ambitions.
  • Safe, loving relationships.
  • A redemptive perspective toward suffering and challenges.

I needed a ton of help defining my roles. I’m the kind of person that has a lot of ideas. Every day, I wake up and have at least half a dozen ideas about things I could do or things I could help you do. All these ideas were taking me in all kinds of different directions. I felt completely aimless and spread out. Wild horses.

I also needed structure in my day. I had way too many projects going on and a huge to-do list that was completely insurmountable. But I didn’t realize these things until I went through and mapped out my roles, ambitions and projects. It was all so good.

So … you need to do this thing!

The good news is you can watch Creating Your Life Plan Module Three for free and get a feel for it. The other thing you should know is there is an introductory discounted price until May 1st.

God engineers everything; wherever He puts us our one great aim is to pour out whole-hearted devotion to Him in that particular work. ~ Oswald Chambers

Praying today we have whole-hearted devotion to Him.

Much love.