Creativity takes T-I-M-E

I love this video more than words can say. Simply clever.

And I believe it’s message. Wholeheartedly.

I found out the hard way that sometimes you have to shift schedule around in order to keep up creative endeavors like writing and speaking … and listening.

Creativity takes time. Time to sit. And think. And wonder outside the box … like this (trouble viewing this video, click here.):

Creativity also requires a change in our thoughts about time.

We can claim creativity anywhere. Sitting in a classroom. Driving the car. Folding laundry. Walking dog. And especially anytime you’re outdoors. (I think there’s a reason for that …)

But we’ve got to stop thinking of life as one big deadline.

As if meeting the criteria of the clock, holds some magic to real productivity.

I think it’s T-I-M-E ~ to get creative.

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 PS … Get outside and think today this mind-boggling thought!