Cupcake Croutons

If you haven’t had a chance to ‘meet the team’ yet … allow me to introduce Ronne. She’ll be sharing baking secrets. Like how to make these adorable, delicious, cupcake croutons.

I love misfits. In fact, I once bought a stuffed rabbit with crooked ears and whiskers that hung down like a moustache because I thought he deserved love. I’ve got a ceramic pig with a broken leg proudly displayed in my kitchen. I’ve never revealed to her that she was on the deep discount rack at Z Galleries with a tag that said “no return.”

So what do misfits have to do with food? Well, with all the cupcake baking I do, I always end up with misfits. You know the ones – those cupcakes that explode over the top of the papers or make you wonder if your house might be settling at an awkward angle. And like that stuffed rabbit, I think cupcake misfits deserve love. Now they have a special place of honor at the dessert table.

Cupcake croutons are so very simple to make and so very fun to eat. Try them once and I promise you’ll be making entire batches of misfits just so you can have more of the crunchy, sweet treats.

Cupcake Croutons

Ingredients: Misfit cupcakes (any flavor will do, though I personally love good old fashion vanilla – especially if made with Mexican vanilla)

Directions: Cut misfit cupcakes into 1/2” cubes. Spread in single layer on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 250-degrees until toasted and crispy (depending on how moist your cupcakes are, this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour). Allow to cool completely.  Eat a few. Then serve the rest on ice cream, pudding, or fresh fruit.

written by ronne