Dappled Sunlight … and a Secret

Just yesterday I was bemoaning the fact that our backyard is such a mess. The ice and snow we had just a month ago, snapped the life out of our grass leaving muddy, bare spots everywhere. The ferns died. The ivy recoiled. Things looked bleak. And I had a bad attitude about the yard.

But then early this morning, something happened.

I opened the drapes at sunrise … and there was dappled light racing across my backyard.

It was so beautiful that I stood outside in my pajamas trying to capture it.

The light came bouncing out across the darkness … splashing through the shadows.

Shadows dancing with light.

Unexpected glory in my own backyard.

And suddenly, I was filled with gratitude for my messy backyard. I couldn’t imagine loving anything more.

Seems this morning, something as simple as the dappled light taught my soul to sit still. To love what I have … to bloom where I’m planted.

God sent the sunlight … with the secret of contentment.

That makes me happy.

Where man sees but withered leaves, God sees sweet flowers growing. ~ Albert Laighton