Davis Letters

I wanted to let you know about something Will and I are doing together in another little spot on the internet.

It’s called: DAVIS LETTERS

And it really all started with those ‘dear daughters’ posts I write … 

Will decided to jump in with his own thoughts and write some letters too. Things like ‘dear sons’ and ‘dear ministry leader.’

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Will and I have a shared passion:

We created Davis Letters because as parents of three kids in their twenties, we recognize that this is their ‘decade of big decisions.’

Things like who to marry, what to do vocationally, how to establish a Christ-centered family and continue to nurture a deep relationship with God in the midst of it all. We talk to our kids about these things. And we also found we were talking to a lot of their friends about these kinds of things. So we decided to take these talks to a place where others could listen in.

This month, you’ll find:

dear ministry leader (on finding friends)

dear sons (on tipping)

dear daughters (change your major)

dear daughters (on doing small things)

write a letter

in everything give thanks

books to read

Maybe you’re the one in the ‘decade of big decisions’ or maybe you’re the parent of one these young people. Either way, please visit Davis Letters and let us know what you think!