dear daughters (7 things I love about you)

dear daughters … is a series where I talk to my girls about stuff. I want to invite you to talk about stuff too.

dear daughters …
When you head out into the world today, your heart might get knocked around a bit. Please remember this: God loves you. He made you exactly the way you are for a reason.  Here are just a few of the little reasons I love the way God made you.

Sara …
I love that you rarely wear makeup. You have a bare face and a brave heart.
I love that silly pink plastic watch you wear with your turquoise ring from Eagle Plume.
I love you have your dad’s blue eyes …

dear daughters 7 things I love about youYou always wear t-shirts. Because they’re comfortable. That makes you comfortable, Sara. You’re easy to be around – people recognize that and appreciate it. Thanks for wearing t-shirts.

Sara, I love your humility. And I love watching the way God pours favor over your life. I bet it’s because God loves your humility too.

And finally, I love the way you always say yes to lunch with me at Zuzu’s.

Emily …
I love that you always wear a teeny tiny necklace and teeny tiny headband.
I love that you wear girlie dresses with tank tops – and tennis shoes.
And I love you have your dad’s blue eyes …
dear daughters by Susie Davis
I love your emerald green nail polish and the way you always talk with your hands. You have a lot of important thoughts about God and life. I like that you talk about those things alot.

Oh, Emily, I love your steadfastness.

And of course, how you don’t mind stopping by the house to eat Zuzu’s and talk about your wedding.

My prayer for both of you is that I’ll always be on the look-out for things I love about you. I pray our relationship will always include deep appreciation and a flood of affirmation.

Because you, dear daughters, are a celebration. To God. And to me.

dear daughters Susie Davis blog

PS. Next time we’re together, let’s remember to take some normal pictures along with the weird ones.