dear daughters (being afraid doesn’t keep you safe)

dear daughters,

Just last week, I sat on the sofa watching the news reel loop spill out all the details of the latest school shooting. Unsuspecting students at an Oregon community college got an instantaneous fill of horror. This week, various threats online propelled authorities in Austin, Philadelphia and Houston to take action.

I’m so sorry for the way the world is today. I’m sad this is what you and your children will have to deal with on a reoccurring basis. I wish I could change the way the world works and promise you nothing bad will ever happen.

dear daughters being afraid doesn't keep you safe

But here’s what I can do for you. I can speak some things into your life. Truth I learned from following fear instead of God after witnessing a school shooting as a child.

  • God never leads you through paranoia and fear.
  • The fuel behind all the threats and violence is the Enemy of your soul.
  • If you give the Enemy a foothold, you can count on absolute tyranny.
  • Bowing down to fear makes fear an idol in your life.
  • Idolatry always ends with a broken heart.

Oh dear daughters,

Being afraid doesn’t keep you safe, God keeps you safe.

Reject the fear and lean into your faithful Father. Because while the Enemy may whisper lies about your safety, you can never walk anywhere on or off campus apart from God’s love and care.

dear daughters dont be afraid susie davis

This morning … sip coffee, read Truth and reject the paranoia. Lean into love, claim peace and surrender to joy.

And know this: I’m praying for you every step of the way.

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