dear daughters (sing)

this dear daughters series is about learning to do life unafraid …

dear daughters,

Here’s the thing … when you were little, we all thought good mothering meant telling you that you could do anything. Mamas tell their babies this all the time. But oh, dear daughters, it is not true:

You can’t do just anything and find joy. You can really only do what you’re designed to do, the thing God made you to do. That’s when you fulfill your purpose and find your greatest joy.

dear daughters sing

Hand me a guitar and let me show you what I mean because I don’t play. I can’t sing like you. Not everyone picks up a guitar and understands how to make words and music into a song.

Here is the truth about your life: a generous and thoughtful Creator gave you a gift. You sense his pleasure when you sing. You feel his favor and yet … FEAR sits beside the gift crouching, pointing and whispering: That sounds stupid. No one will like it. No one will enjoy it.

If you want to quiet the fear’s voice, you must play. If you want to shush the enemy accusations, sing.

The only way to crush the fear in your life is by affirming the origin of your gift and taking delight in it. Thank God for your voice every morning. Credit him when you sing. Write unhindered and sing with delight, abandon yourself to the gift because God knows it’s your favorite thing.

Susie Davis

dear daughter, sing unafraid.

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 original music: sara davis * videography: sydney gawlik