Deep Water Your Marriage

At the end of this, we are all we got …

That’s what I said to my husband, Will, through tears a couple weeks ago. We have had a tough run the last few months.

We’re both working hard at this thing called ministry. He’s leading the church, leading mission trips and launching another book. I am writing, doing radio, and handling home-life. The combination (with some really bizarre, little house trip ups) had me in a state of exhaustion.

And it was there, in my exhaustion, that I uttered the phrase … at the end of this, we are all we got.

At the end of parenting our kids, caring for our families, building and leading the church, writing and publishing books … at the end of all this, we are all we got.

And that is what matters most: Will and me … and the health of our marriage.

The hard run – and subsequent conversation – helped us realize that running on empty isn’t an option. So we changed some things around. Will made a big adjustment in his travel schedule. And we both agreed to cautiously and prayerfully add things to our already packed schedule.

And then we spent some days deep watering our relationship. We were especially careful with each other. And thoughtful toward each other. And the hard run has subsided.

But we’re still ever mindful … at the end of this, we are all we got.

Maybe you’re in a hard run in your marriage. I’d love to encourage you to deep water your relationship. It matters. And it makes a difference.

Don’t lose hope in your marriage. Don’t give up. And above all, please tell each other and remember … at the end of this, we are all we got.