Diet Tip #1: Half-zies

I need to lose 10 pounds. I’d like to blame it on my job. Or my hormones. Or the food industry. Or evil advertisers. But it’s just me. Eating more than my body needs. Period. The end.

I am a part of Generation Big Gulp. Generation Big Gulp thinking says more is always better. More product. More value. Which results in another pad of flab on the booty.

I am grateful I can still remember the pre-quarter pounder days. The pre-super-size days. I was a little girl back then but those were the days, my friends. The days when portion sizes were sane. And the days when our grandparents ate what they ate without worrying about their weight.

I read an article recently about plate and portion size – and the impact it has had on our eating habits. And our weight gain. It is so stupid simple that I think it might just work.

So, here it goes. Me acting like my grandmother. Eating what I want but less of it.

This little tip is called Half-zies: Eat what you want but cut the portion in half.

Now, I hear you asking all kinds of questions like … Should I count calories? Fat grams? And for gracious sakes, what do I do with the other half of that delicious Chick-Fil-A sandwich?!?

  • No counting allowed. If grandma didn’t do it, we won’t do it.
  • Share the other half with a friend, she’ll love you for it.
  • Or save it for later when you get hungry again. Cause you will. Sooner than you think. Your stomach will tap lightly on the door or growl fiercely and demand a little more food. And when that happens, just whip out that sandwich and eat again. Like a little bird coming back to the feeder.

So, here’s to loving life with a little less booty in the rear-view mirror!