Do I offend you?

For years, I have been having a 2 pen dialogue with God.

Goes something like this. I sit down in the morning – coffee poured – and open my journal.

Then I mark the date on the page and write down my prayers with a plain, blue pen. After that, I read the bible and when something jumps out at me … I grab a colored felt tip marker and write down God’s words in orange or green or violet, etc.

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I talk about it a lot in this book where I explain how to have a 2 pen dialogue with God about your children.

Usually, this colorful dialogue is pleasant and encouraging. But this morning, something kind of jumped out that surprised me. I read Psalm 139:24 which says … point out anything in me that offends you.

I waited a couple minutes before putting that dialogue in my journal. But then, I did it.

Because all good relationships need tough conversations sometimes.