do not be afraid

I am a good griever.

This means when I see a rough transition coming or I am in the middle of a great sadness, I go ahead and let my feelings hit it head on and grieve.

I think, cry, feel and get it all out. It’s a confrontational approach to managing hardship which I think is a good thing. The Bible says blessed are those who mourn, for they will receive comfort.

However, there have been times when I started pre-grieving something that had not yet happened. This is not healthy. This is called WORRY.

When I sit around thinking about something sad or bad that could happen but hasn’t – when I get emotional about that – that’s just flat out anxiety driven from vain imaginations, fear and falsehood.

It’s like standing in the ocean and getting beaten down by waves. Over and over the anxiety assaults you. Salty sea water stinging your eyes, weight of the waves on your shoulders and you feel like you’re going under. Can’t breathe, might drown in thoughts swirling in your head.

do not be afraid susie davis

Say NO out loud to the madness —>>> GET OUT OF THE WATER.

Take your mind and your emotions to Jesus. Yield yourself to him. Instead of thinking on things that haven’t happened, thank him for the good things that have happened. The sun rose this morning. The coffee is hot. Birds are singing. Food’s on the table. Plenty to be thankful for …

Let’s us mourn the hard stuff in our lives.
Let’s be completely real about the pain and be willing to be messy about it.
But let’s not be driven to anxiety over stuff that hasn’t happened yet.
Because that’s a waste of precious time and energy.

Jesus said: Do not be afraid.

photo: kate stafford