don’t be afraid.

This is Grace. My nephew’s daughter. She is the closest thing I have to a granddaughter. grace-grace

I worry about the world she’s growing up in.

Because I was still struggling to understand Monday’s Boston marathon nightmare when I woke up this morning to hear about the devastating explosion in West, Texas. Fires burning, lives lost. These are our neighbors. I add them to my prayer list. This list of people whose lives are turned upside down.

I feel sick inside. For these hurting people. For the days, months, and years it will take to overcome the wounds: physical, emotional and spiritual. For the children, like Grace, who will have to navigate this kind of world. One filled with all kinds of inexplicable evil. Undeniable pain.

During times like these, I am tempted to be afraid. Thinking somehow, that fear will offer protection from the terrible things. That getting my guard up will keep me and the people I love safe. But I know from experience, fear leads to hopelessness. And hopelessness drags me far away from God.

So I lean in. With an open heart. For Grace. And for her new baby sister, Shelby, who was born less than a week ago.

Thoroughly convinced that the world is full of ‘terrible things’ but increasingly aware the ‘beautiful things’ only come with a heart unafraid.
here is the world don't be afraidBy God’s grace, I will not be afraid. And by His strength, I will not infect the future with my fears.